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musicmatters's Journal

No New McCarthy Era -- Music that Matters
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Originally voiced by the legendary American post-punk band Mission Of Burma, "No New McCarthy Era" is a wake-up call for all free-thinking people, but especially for those fiercely independent types who find salvation in less mainstream music. Mission of Burma's call to arms demonstrates how now more than ever, in the age of The Patriot Act, The Department Of Homeland Security, and the New American Empire, music matters.

The emerging self-awareness and connectedness of the post-punk / avant guard music community is the focus of this forum. Suggested topics: What music, if any, matters anymore? Where are we headed as a nation? Why do or don't we care about that? Why don't we vote? If it's true that a people get the government they deserve, then who, ultimately, is responsible for the way things are today?

This is an open forum, which means that anyone can post here. Please note that while strong and diverse opinions are welcome, abusive posts will be deleted.